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Gujarat Lies: A collection of personal vendetta


Rana Ayyub, a ‘journalist’ most popularly associated with Tehelka.com, a ‘news outlet’ most popularly known to use ‘sting operation’ as a mode to collect news, has come out with a book. “Gujarat Files”. It is supposed to be a tell all book on alleged state sponsored political murders and ‘fake encounters’ which are supposed to pin Amit Shah, the then Home Minister of Gujarat and current national president of ruling party, and Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat and currently the Prime Minister.

I finished reading the book, which I paid for from my own hard earned money, and I have come to the conclusion that it is nothing but a sermon of personal hate and vendetta against the people she wants to ‘nail.’

Not only is the book full of grammatical errors and badly narrated, it lacks consistency. At best it should have been filed under a hate speech on her personal blog. She talks how her report sent Amit Shah to jail and hence to find truth about Sohrabuddin, she would have to assume an identity.

First of all, she should stay away from WebMD. She had self diagnosed that she was suffering from depression (yea, mental health awareness crusaders, please come forward, a ‘journalist’ just used the serious condition loosely to describe her boredom) and the only thing that helped her came out of it was when she took up project Sohrabuddin. (wikipedia link)

She makes sure that she describes her undercover act in great detail. She wears chunky jewellery, skirts and colourful bandana to show how she is a documentary film maker from the US, making a film on the famous people from Gujarat. She stayed at Nehru Foundation and within first few days her room was ‘searched’.

Incidentally, other than Naresh Kanodia, the SRK of Gujarati cinema, the only people she meets for the ‘documentary’ are top cops and ministers. Interestingly, the transcripts of all these sting operations all talk about 2002 riots. Sohrabuddin wasn’t even involved there. Amit Shah (whom she very proudly sent to jail on basis of her investigative ‘journalism’) was not the Home Minister during riots. 80% of her book focuses of 2002 riots and how the top cops feel ‘used and thrown’ by the CM and HM (who was not even HM then).

The transcript of her sting was extremely confusing. The only things I understood from her writeup was:

  1. Top cops of Gujarat are easily accessible if you are documentary filmmaker from the US.
  2. You can pass off as documentary filmmaker from the US if you wear denim skirts, chunky jewellery and colourful bandanas. And if you have a firang along, it just adds to the effect.
  3. Top cops of Gujarat don’t find it suspicious when a filmmaker randomly probes about 2002 riots and their involvement or lack of it.
  4. Top cops of Gujarat play the blame game quite nicely.
  5. She mentions how her room at Nehru Foundation (set up by the Sarabhais, which she chose to disclose), where she stayed, was ‘searched’ just a day before G L Singhal, the cop involved in alleged fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan, agreed to meet her.
  6. She spotted a car outside where she lived in morning and in evening. But when she asked a friend to pick her up to go to a college festival, the car wasn’t there next day. Basically, Gujarat top cops are easy to fool when you wear a bandana and attend college festivals.
  7. She stayed at a friend’s friend’s bungalow where a cobra was living too, since a year. Surprised she didn’t crack a joke, ‘not sure what was more poisonous, the reptile or me? lol’.
  8. Gujarat top cops are whiny and will talk to anyone and everyone who asks about the riots. No one really questions or doubts why the random bandana clad woman (yea, she mentions the bandanas quite a lot) who has been in the US, and making a film on important people of Gujarat, knows the right questions to ask about the riots and the ‘fake encounters’. Like, seriously. None of these men even doubted her for a second. If that’s true, we clearly need better set of cops.
  9. She liked eating Gujarati thaali at Pakvan (it sucks) and she taught Geeta Saar to Maya Kodnani, former minister who was accused of leading a mob during 2002 riots, while having lunch at her place, which involved aam ras.
  10. But what is the point she was trying to make? Just making people read her sting trascript? What am I supposed to do?

Behen, tum aakhir kehna kya chaahti ho?

All these sting tapes were not released until now. That is in the ‘book’ she self published. These tapes are not authenticated. She says she will give these tapes to investigative agencies if they ask for them. Why not make them public for everyone to see and hear? Trial by media is one of Tehelka’s strong points anyway!

Hope she gets prize in fiction for the lizard on the cover page book.

Update 1: Ayyub ends her ‘book’ by saying that Tehelka didn’t publish her ‘story’ because there was political pressure. As back as 2010, she and Tehelka team had deduced Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister in 2014 and hence they were under political pressure not to publish it. Ayyub remained silent, in a dramatic way, ‘until now’. Shoma Chaudhury, former editor at Tehelka and Rana Ayyub’s boss at Tehelka has spoken up on Twitter.

Well, if Tehelka, which is not particularly known for its high standards, does not consider your stuff up to editorial standards, we know the grapes are sour!


  1. naam me kya rakha hai

    May 28, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    I personally feel, you are paid well for your Bhakti. I saw your twitter profile to understand your rationality behind the review. Your review is fake and your work is to just save your bosses from embarrassment.

    • Itni fatati hai… ki naam bhi nahin likh sakta .. to comment section me apni daang kyun laga raha hai…??

    • RUBBISH. Its an honest review. RANA Ayyub has zero repuatation and is a congi n pak-isi agent. Are u a cong bhakt?

    • I didn’t understand the relation to the boss… Care to explain? :-P

      Otherwise, interesting review. It does seem like the book is going on about self proclamation, but having not read it, it’s useless to comment.

      Maybe try to be more neutral with reviews? This doesn’t really give a clear picture. Seems more negatively inclined.

      Thanks for posting, looking forward for more. :)

    • Drake Bradman

      May 28, 2016 at 11:19 pm

      Why? Just because Mythili Tyagi is fake and her “investigative journalism” is fake, even this review has to be fake? Nirwa has given the best summary of this abominable book.

    • Shrikant Nagre

      May 29, 2016 at 2:17 am

      naam mein kya rakha hai – apni pyari rana ayyub ki twitter profile bhi check kar lete to ye comment likhne mein apne time aur energy waste nhi karte.

    • No review is fake. A review is a review. For people with even a grain of commonsense, its not she but Shoma Choudhary that passed the final judgement on that book and its author.

      BTW the money and the fame are on the other side, ma’m. Its the ‘other side’ that owns the whole space and the media, calling any one that challenge their authority as Hindu communal. Write against Hinduism and Indian civilisation, you become overnight a celebrity.

      I came for Mehta’s tweet on internet and found ‘this’ book and the review.

  2. Naam mein he sab kuchh hai. Pramod Dwivedi

    May 28, 2016 at 8:38 pm

    Brilliant piece. Better than what RanaAyuub a Hindu Hater , Congressi Psychophant Arab Stooge. Who hates everything Indian.
    she had to self publish book cause it was trash n no one wanted to touch the book.
    This the level of these people that they can’t write two lines grammatically correct in English and they claim to be Journalist and writers.
    I think time of Presstitutes who create fake story spin the story is over in era of social media.

  3. Not having read book (and not intending to do so), I would agree about vendetta or maybe some other better word. Why would she carry personal vendetta against Amit Shah.
    Was it she who sent him to jail…really? I must read more on that.

    Tehelka’s style of reporting..sting.. get someone to speak about any wrongdoing has led to many sufferings.
    If I remember correctly, it’s first episod was to declare Kapil Dev a match fixer based on statement of Manoj Prabhaka. That ended up ruining Kapils several years.

    Without reading book, I would agree with review

  4. Kalpesh Rawal

    May 28, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    This rana Abuse …oops ayyub is not any journalist she is just someone who hates Pm and BJP and dreams about a sharia compliant India. She will go to any lengths to help anti national elements. Shameless !

  5. The very point this presstitute of highest order (we have barkha, rajdeep, Indira raising, PP bajpai, Saba naqvi, hartoshbal, as her peers) waited 14 yrs to take out so called genuine ‘ transcript, . She didn’t even give this so called transcript when SC appointed SIT was probing .
    Can anyone believe this utter nonsense. No one will . It is just a book becoz she has nothing more to do as her cabal all have no job now. Even her ex boss Tejpal from whom she has learned Tejpal brand of journalism so we can well imagine her truthfulness. Barkha launched her book and now RannaAyuub. Rajdeep preceded both of them .
    So it releasing nonsense to sell as book is fav pastime of Hate India Gang. And like previous 3 books this too shall fail… err it has already

  6. Hilarious that you’re pointing out the grammatical errors in the book when your own English is riddled with mistakes.

  7. On the side note, the blogger took quite a time in realising how intolerant these people ‘professing as liberals’ are.

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