We are all desperate.

Desperate to fit in. To be accepted by everyone in the traditional, societal norms. By looks, thoughts, behaviour. Desperate to lose those last 5 kilos to have the perfect body. Desperate to have similar thoughts as widely accepted thoughts so that you are accepted by the majority. Desperate to behave in a certain manner which is the norms so that you don’t stand out.

Desperate to stay in the good books of someone that we compromise or kill the work ethics one should have?  Thin line between being super desperate to be in good books of everyone and being insecure. Both stem from not really being good at what you do.

Desperate to love and be loved. We’ve all been there, done that. We are so blinded by the desperation at times that the mind sees what the heart wants to see. We are oblivious to all sort of logic because we are so desperate for things to work out the way we want them to work out that we do not see the facts that are for everyone else to see.

Our desperation blinds us from accepting the truth that the imagery we had built up in our heads is not really the reality. When reality is thrown at us, we tend to be in denial mode because how can something we had thought to be so true be so wrong? The perception we build in our desperation breaks us, ruins us.

What can we really do to overcome this? How about a reality check every once in a while? How about asking, instead of assuming, every once in a while? How about not losing your senses when things don’t turn up the way you want them to?

In the desperate rush to get what you want, do not lose out on what you have.

As a wise person once said, never go full retard.