I like to believe I am much sorted mentally. There was a rough phase in my life where I felt severely directionless and extremely unhappy. I have dragged myself out of that self loath and it was not easy. However, as an introvert and emotional person who doesn’t like confrontation, I take things to heart.

Recently, though, I stopped being a pushover and that has ruffled up quite a few feathers in the family. I have just started putting myself above what others think about me, and apparently, people can’t digest it well. I’m sorry, but my mental health is more important than what you feel because I did not want to tell you the price of kurta I am wearing. (people are shallow.)

Anyway, by doing that, I have also started letting go of things easily. The lesser I cared about how they made me feel, the more I felt empowered and felt like a bigger person who has reached the zen state where others were so insignificant that their behaviour stopped bothering me.

This is on Twitter too. Earlier, the abuses would get to me. I tried really hard not to offend people. Saying the “politically correct” thing always so that not to come across as a Modi supporter. But then, I realised, why not? Why try so hard to be politically correct, when it is so easy to actually be yourself.

Those who matter will respect your differing view point. And then those who take an offence, should probably read my draft folder to see what I’ve written/tweeted is just tip of the iceberg.

That’s the thing.

Being the bigger person makes me feel much better.