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Month: May 2017


You see a lot of clickbaits which talk about nostalgia of having grown up in the 90s. Having grown up in the 90s, I do remember most of the things they talk about, like phantom cigarettes and 1 re cola candies, but I don’t really go aww on reading those bits. I don’t feel fond memories flooding my mind. One reason could be overdose of these articles which talk of these, but I think it has more to do with I don’t really relate to them anyway. Never liked phantom cigarettes or those cola candies. My childhood was mostly about coming home, eating snacks with tea my grandma had prepared for me and watching TV.

I took to reading pretty late in my life. I think around 10th standard that I picked up reading and enjoyed reading books. Before that it was mostly comics that I loved.

Tinkle and Archie’s comics. Not Super Commando Dhruv or Marvel or Diamond comics. I am completely at loss when these references are made.

I was happy with my Tinkle, Archie’s and Champak. After that I picked up Jeffery Archer and Sidney Sheldon (when he died, that I got to know Sindey was a guy) and Famous Five and Nancy Drew. At some point in my childhood I was given a collection of all Tinkle comics (not digest or double digest) which was hardbound by someone. They were some 4-5 hardbound volumes of various Tinkle comics. I also had a good number of Archie’s digests and double digests. I had read and reread those comics many times. Those days, one Archie’s double digest was for Rs. 80 at Crossword book store. My father wasn’t quite pleased to spend so much on ‘cartoons’. (should’ve realised I have expensive taste back then only.)

Sometime between my childhood and adulthood, my mom sold off all my comics. My entire collection was sold off without my knowledge or permission and I only got to know of it when I was looking to go through it for ‘old times’ sake’. I was heartbroken. The collection that was built out of so much love and care and it was an investment. It was the heritage I would leave for my children, if I find someone to marry and have kids with.

And it was all gone.

I have since then started earning on my own, but still never bought another comic. It is always fun when someone buys it for you. Because that just makes you feel like a child again. That an adult is giving you comics.

And I am suddenly engulfed in this huge wave of nostalgia. I again want to pick up a comic, lie on my bed and read myself a comic to sleep.



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Humour as Coping Mechanism

We’ve all seen laughing club members making loud ha ha ha sounds in the mornings in the nearby parks.  We’ve also seen Munnabhai M.B.B.S. where Dr. Asthana used the same technique to control his anger.

My interactions with a friend over last few months have made me realise how different people take failures/setbacks differently.  Last night I realised how it may not really be as easy for some people to move on from failures. Or rather, look at all their other achievements independent of their failures/setbacks.

Even when I try to look at it objectively, it took me longer than I should have that not everyone moves on from setbacks easily. That the scars don’t easily fade away even after 15 years. That subconsciously, you may still look for validation from everyone around because of that one time you ‘failed’ them over a decade ago. Even if they no longer remember it, as it may have seemed like the biggest ‘failure’ at that time, the older you go, and the more you achieve, that fades away.

I realised not everyone can take a joke on themselves. That not everyone can joke about their own failures or hardships to help them sail through it. And that is when I realised how incredibly important it is to do the same.

I realised that in absence of humour, everything in the world seems like a conspiracy against you and you tend to take any one of statement, independent of your situation, as a passive aggressive comment on your ‘failure’ from years ago, which most likely no one remembers.

Every once in a while, we need to chill. Need to remind ourselves not to take life and our own self too seriously. We’re not going to get out of it alive anyway. Might as well laugh it off, no?