DISCLAIMER: May or may not contain spoilers from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why

So it is about a dead girl. A dead girl who leaves back 13 tapes each one addressing one person before she slits her wrists and bleeds herself to death. She’s in high school. She was bullied, shamed and harassed. There were cries for help which were so subtle, anyone could’ve missed them.

Like everyone else, I have few thoughts on it. This comes as my observation on series and over the internet, where people lay themselves bare for anyone to judge.

That what we do, and think is insignificant, could actually be having a deeper impact on someone else. Let’s be a little mindful of what we say or do. Someone may be having a bad day and one snarky remark could push them back further. Saying you cannot be held responsible for what others think or do based on your words/actions is also pretty lame. It is okay to certain extent. But if you lead people on, or you make it a point to mislead them or put them down, you are a shit person. Take responsibility of your action.

I am not sure what I think of suicide. Since how long we live isn’t quite our choice, I’d like to believe it’s not my choice to decide when to die (unless I am suffering terminal disease or am on life support, in which case, pull the plug, please) so I don’t think I will take the suicide way out. I guess I am saying this because I have not really felt suicidal. Anyway, I won’t comment whether committing suicide is an act of cowardice or not. To each his own, I guess.

But hey, if you feel suicidal, seek help, I guess. There are helplines and all, and more often than not, someone *will* listen to you.

Perhaps also do not overthink. Here are the fact: the world does not revolve around you. The world does not really owe you anything. So stop blaming your terrible behaviour on others. Everyone has shit, we all learn to deal with it. If you can’t, it not anyone else’s fault. So, don’t guilt trip them by recording tapes as suicide notes and making them spend their lives miserably or make them lose their shit as well. Take responsibility of your death too.

Everyone, let’s try to be kind to people. Don’t be a pushover, no one should be, but let’s all be just a little careful of what we say/do. Makes ours as well as others’ lives easier.

Don’t lie.

Human beings are cruel. We just choose to be nice most of the times. But deep down, there is a sadistic, psychotic individual waiting for a trigger.

Don’t live with your misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Doesn’t make life easier. Sort things out.

Do not pretend to be having mental health issue just to sound relevant. This especially after an emotionally draining experience. Stop seeking attention on social media. Your lame attention seeking rants offend my sensibilities. Please stop.

Stop baby talk. This has nothing to do with this serial, but I thought I should say that. Fully grown up women who talk in baby voice, no, you are realllly not cute.

Stop ‘threatening’ that you’ll leave them. Bitch, please. ¬†Go.