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What If

So it is a pleasant day in this part of the world. You know, for a place that is actually a remote part of the Sun, a little bit of nip in the air makes us want to turn off the fans and take as much of winter as we could to last us rest of the 11.5 months of summer.

I was sipping my tea (ginger, mint, less sugar) and minding everyone else’s business on Twitter when suddenly a thought struck me. I realised I have a phenomenal sense of imagination.

For a few minutes, I zoned out and was imagining how would colours smell and sound? I mean, I’ve already thought of what if colours had taste – blue would taste like salt.. green would be bitter and so would orange. I think white would actually be sweet. Black would be sour.

But how would they sound? I think white would smell like bread. It could also be because bread is white and I love bread and who doesn’t love bread? I think white would also sound like silence. I don’t think I’d like to hear white.

Black and red would smell like what seduction would smell like. Purple will smell like a flower. And orange will sound like carbonated water bubbles.  I also think green will sound like a river flowing through a forest. It may also sound like Anu Malik singing jungle hai aadhi raat hai lagne laga hai darrrrrr.

I don’t know.

I can’t be the only one trying to figure out how colours would sound, smell and taste, right? What do you think?

Poetry Recitation

Uploading video blogs as a mark of protest on the growing intolerance in India on growing intolerance in India.

Oven Baked Potato Fries

Whoever thought digging up some random looking leaves and finding these brown balls of carbs and deciding to eat them deserves an award. Of course, such award shall not be returned as a mark of protest due to rising intolerance in India.

Boiled, fried, distilled in fermented form – potatoes are a versatile beings. Potatoes are these wonderful balls of goodness with this amazing quality of lifting your spirits, fermented as well as non-fermented forms. (heh heh heh. I love my clever wordplay. Do you?)

But there is only this much of fried potatoes you can eat before you get sick. But, just so you feel good about eating potatoes with less guilt, there’s a way to oven-bake potato fries.


Here is how:

Take 3 medium sized potatoes. You may peel them or not, depending on how you like the skin of the potato. I kept them on.

Wash them properly and cut them into thin slices, like chips. But make them as thin as you could.

In a baking sheet/pan, toss these chips along with some olive oil, salt, freshly crushed pepper, oregano and other seasoning and mix well.

Bake them at 180 degrees for an hour.

Now, I’m still experimenting, so I first kept them for 40 minutes in convection mode, but they were still little uncooked, so I put them for 20 minutes more. Thinner the chips, lesser time they take. But they taste delicious.

You can play around with your oven settings.

I served them with jeera rice and yellow daal.

Last time I made it, I made a hung curd dip to go with it. Basically, I took a muslin cloth and kept bowlful of curd in it and hung it for 3-4 hours so all the extra water drips away. I added a bit of mint and coriander chutney (blended mint, coriander leaves, salt, lemon juice and hint of sugar #DilSeGujju) and the mint yogurt dip was ready. Tastes great.

Also, I wish there was a way to make these chips crispier. But I’m still struggling with that. I’ll have to figure a way out.




I have decided to move on.

No relationship ends suddenly. There is always a build up to it. I had overlooked those insensitive remarks which Vivek thought were in casual jest. “Stop being so overly sensitive,” he would tell me if he ever saw the apparent hurt on my face.

This emotional detachment he showed towards me probably stemmed from his escapist tendencies. So, two months back, when he suddenly stopped answering my calls or text messages, I decided it is time I move on. I cannot cling on to the hope that things will change and he will love me the way I love him.

I have finally decided to move out of the country and have a fresh start. Learn to be comfortable around myself and love myself enough not to let other people’s insecurities get to me.

Singapore it is.

‘I’m moving to Singapore. Taking the early morning flight. I wish you well,’ I texted Vivek. He never replied.

I boarded the 4 am flight from Mumbai, and the anxiety of leaving the country and sense of loneliness of not having heard back from Vivek was not letting me sleep. They were showing Markaduke in the flight. Vivek had a dog too. Mocha. An adorable Boxer with a loopy left ear.

I decided to check mails and Twitter to see what is happening in and around the world. Thank God for in-flight WiFi.

I switched on my phone to see 41 messages from Vivek. He is not the clingy type. What is the matter, I wondered.

The messages ranged from asking me my flight details to asking me where I am with increasing panic at my lack of response. What is wrong with him!

‘Nitya, I love you. Please be okay. I hope it is not your flight. Please come back,’ was his latest text just few minutes back.

My flight?

Few seconds later, more panicky messages started pouring in. I refreshed my Twitter feed to see what the fuss is all about.

“BREAKING: Flight 9W 4211 from Mumbai to Singapore has gone missing 35 minutes after takeoff. 197 passengers and 8 crew members on the board missing over the Indian Ocean.”

Inspired from Reddit Word Prompt.

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