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Deconstructing Hindi Songs: Premi Aashiq Awara

I have grown up watching Hindi movies of the 90s. So much that I know exactly which song will be followed by a particular scene. They may or may not have been trashy, but they have been a vital part of my growing up years.  One such movie has been Phool Aur Kaante.

It is amazing how much they could fit in those 3 hours back then. These days three hours movie seem so long and when they get over, you are still not sure what the fuck just happened. But back then, if it is not happy ending, picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost.

Phool Aur Kaante – I still do not understand the relevance of the movie title with the story. Maybe because they mean Madhoo was the phool because I don’t know phools have madhur (sweet) smell? Unless it is onion flower, which I once accidentally smelt at an uncle’s farm because they looked so pretty and you don’t realise till you smell an onion flower how much chakkar inducing the smell could be.

Image searched from Google, but it looked just as pretty

Image searched from Google, but it looked just as pretty

Anyway, I digress.

The point was Phool Aur Kaante. So this is the song I’ve decided to deconstruct and talk about (of course, very little song talk more of nonsense, I still don’t understand why would anyone watch me blabber like this)

And here is where I deconstruct it.

If you have managed to read till here and even seen the video in its entirety, a virtual hug to you. Have a happy weekend, you guys! <3

Video Blog Because Why Not

I am just bored right now. It is very hot. So hot that I am sweating more than the Delhi people swear in the road rage.

So yea.

So I made this video.

Have a look.

Or not.

Your lyf. Your rulz.


In continuation to previous post, I bring to you the concluding part of #DelhiDiaries.  Delhi now feels more or less like home.  Because you know you are home when sleep cycle and poop cycle are not completely screwed up.  Yeah, well, so I am gross, deal with it.

I also need to keep reminding myself that Delhi is a state and not a city.  And it is the national capital. I have always had fascination with places which talk of power. Precisely why I enjoyed drive to Gandhinagar (before it became a little regular visit for work) because the place exudes power.  Delhi is such place.  It is a place where decisions are taken which can make or break the country. The parliament, the ministries’ offices have fascinated me. I cannot stop looking at the Tricolour every time I pass Connaught Place. So what if being born in the country was not my choice, I can still be in love with the country because despite all the flaws the country has to offer, it is still home.

Speaking of home, I went to the Red Fort. It is a fascinating complex.  Not to forget the Tricolour (again) which flies high.  The Mughals built it. Centuries ago. The fort has stood test of time. It has witnessed history.  The Diwan-I-Aam and the Diwan-I-Khas, where important decisions were taken centuries ago. The stones and marbles on which the emperors who have shaped the history of India have walked on.  Walking under the same dome does take you back in time. (Back when I used to live there and rule the country. What? You don’t believe me? As a Hindu, I believe in reincarnation and in one of my previous births, I was totally a Mughal Princess.)

And then there is the current centre of power.  The Parliament and Ministries’ offices and other government buildings. The day it rained, we went to the India Gate. It was beautiful.  The Amar Jawan Jyoti, makes you feel insignificant before the people who laid down their lives for the country. It takes courage to be so courageous. I don’t think I have that.

We walked all the way on the Rajpath, to Rashtrapati Bhawan. It was such a pleasant walk that for once, the journey was far more beautiful than the destination. (of course, President’s house is not my ultimate destination, I shall address the world when I become #WorldPresident from the roof of the Red Fort – history shall repeat itself, minions.)

The entire stretch of roads is dotted with people selling street food, which didn’t sound like a good idea on the day it was raining. Let us just say, it was a lovely, lovely day. :-)

Speaking of street food, went to Chandni Chowk the day we went to Red Fort. Paranthewali Gali. Dilli, who the fuck deep fries their paranthas? Having said that, rabri parantha were delicious. I think I want to have one more plate of rabri here in Delhi before I go back home tomorrow.

Yes, I go back home tomorrow. I had no agenda when I came here. It has been one of the strangest decisions of my life, but then, if not now, then when? If not now, then never.

I am glad I did. I am extremely thankful to all those who gave me their time. I shall forever be indebted towards you. I am not writing any names here only because I don’t want to miss out on anyone. I tend to be forgetful and it would be just wrong to leave even one person out.

Thank you so much for making me feel at home in fascinatingly wonderful place which now feels like home.

Until next time,


So it has been a week since I came to Delhi.

It is ironical how time flies when the fucking Delhi traffic does not even move an inch in an hour. It is insane. For someone who is so used to reaching anywhere in a 20 minute drive, the one and a half hour drive to Gurgaon one way is like bhaiya-let-me-sleep-please type of thing.

But, the metro is wonderfully convenient. I wish I could sleep on the metro as it makes it therapeutic moves. People on the metro are always listening to music on their phones. They are so used to it, it is almost mechanical. Obviously, I am the girl with wonder in her eyes, keeping a nervous eye to make sure I don’t miss the stop. But I also use the time to observe people around.

Observing people is one of the most fun things ever. Like, the terrifying aunty on metro the other night who almost fell on everyone twice when metro stopped at a station and who had a 5 year old kid who wanted to get off every station the metro would halt. She was terrifying because she just did not think she should hold on to support thingies to stop herself from falling. Her idea of fun was let me scare the shit out of the passengers by threatening them that I’ll fall on them.

Speaking of aunties, what is it with the bling! The last time I saw so much bling at one place was at a Sindhi wedding. In Delhi, it is just another day and a way of life. I want to wear my goggles every time I see the #DilliwaliBhabhijis because of all the shiny stuff they wear.

Which reminds me, the make up. Pretty sure the make up is so much that even taking a shower twice a day would not wear it off.  And generally perfect make up. How does it even stay like that? But then, with a zillion layers of makeup, I am pretty sure they do not sweat enough to wear it out. Or if they do, the make up soaks it up.

Speaking of #DilliwaliBhabhijis, a striking feature about them is how most of them come with a kid and a bai in tow. The bai will be sitting on a chair away from the tables where after the kids are fed coffee and pizza, they are unleashed on unsuspecting patrons of the restaurant as they play cards. The bai, who is as clueless as I would be if I were driving on the streets of Delhi, tries to get the kids under control, but fails as baba doesn’t listen to the bai.

But then when the city makes you feel like you don’t belong here, you come across people who make you feel like it has always been your home. (it has nothing to do with future plans of moving into 7 Race Course Road.)

I met some old friends, made some new. And I feel like I don’t want to go back. Mostly because of the uncertainty that is there back home vs the uncertainty that is here. Here the uncertainty is about when I’ll go back home, whereas, back home it is what will I do! While I know what I will do, the outcome is so unpredictable, it is terrifying. I am afraid of walking into the unknown. Of not knowing what future holds for me.

Well, at least there is one thing I know right now. I am going to watch a movie. Not sure which one, whichever is downloaded or is on YouTube. Because sleeping is nice.

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