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Deconstructing Songs: Jumma Chumma De De

As it is evident, I have grown up on a healthy diet of Hindi movies.  However, one movie stands out and that is Hum.  See, it was my first ever movie in a theatre.  Just like you never forget your first kiss (mine was in third standard, when the kid(s) sitting next to me decided he must make good of the “beta pappi karo” to the girl sitting next to him because she is adorably cute *cough* ok, not a memorable one, but family never lets you forget it. Hmm, now when I think of it, it is not a great story to tell.) you never forget your first movie (I love parenthesis).

So, I am not going to trash the song .. because nostalgic value attached to it.  But I will deconstruct it nevertheless.


And here is my video on it.



Deconstructing Songs: Vishwatma

I have grown up on a healthy dose of Hindi movies. So much that I blame my skewed sense of romance and love on the movies I have grown up watching.

Last night as everyone in the house slept, I got a chance to watch some tv (btw, in Sasusral Simar Ka, there is one naagin now, and some more wtfness has come up which I am not even sure what it is, Roli is back from the dead, and she was also I think kidnapped by some gypsies and she managed to escape that too. Like Roli is the superhuman or something.. anyway, I digress) and while surfing channels came across Vishwatma. Just when this song was about to start. Nostalgia triumphed and decided to watch it for some time.

But then, since I was generally bored today, I thought of deconstructing the song to give you a glimpse of what an observant and keen eye like mine, which is tez, tez enough to see your rooh (yes, yes, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam dialogue because #JaanRoxxxx) and this is what I had to say.

Watch at your own risk, though.

The original song.

And my version. (btw, am I a rightwinger if I wear FabIndia kurtis like the one I’m wearing in this video?)

High School Reunion

So a bunch of high school classmates are in town and are planning a reunion.  I am suddenly a part of the WhatsApp group and I can’t even recognise most of them because a lot of them have their baby’s picture as profile picture.

Difficult to guess also because their kids don’t look like them at all. Which in some cases could be a good thing.

It is like going back in time when you felt socially awkward except you didn’t know how common and amazing being socially awkward would be in real life when you grow up.

I have no fond recollection of high school stories. Mostly because being a loner was not fun back then (I didn’t know growing up I will have over 2k followers on Twitter, take that, bitches) and no one told me it is okay not to try to fit in amongst people you cannot relate to.

I was with some of them through college too, and guess what, we never exchanged a word.

So with the high school reunion round the corner, am I up for it? I’m not sure.

It is not about moving on and forgetting how school was and how people change over the years. I know people change. I am not the person I was in school either. In fact, I am not the same person I was two years back. So, technically, while I may recognise their faces, it will still be like meeting complete strangers. How do you greet? Shake hands? Hugs? Pull cheeks of their child? (no, never do that, it is creepy)

What do you ask them? What are they up to? Are you suddenly friends with complete strangers? And the moment the introductions are over, you go getting nostalgic about school. Which may be great. I had some fun memories too.

Of being in Nursery and going to school with a fractured hand and teacher asking me to come in front of the class and setting an example to clueless 3 year olds how they should also be brave and come to school despite injuries. The memory of that incident is so vivid that that I still relate my stage fear to that one day. I even remember being so terrified of being called in class that in Senior KG I used to hide behind shelves during roll call because I do not like confrontation.  Yeah, well, I have had a childhood full of issues.

So what do I do? Well, I have not decided yet. I may attend it. Of course, chances of that ‘reunion’ materialising are quite low because apparently gathering everyone on one day at one time is difficult. May meet some of them individually, though. It may not be that bad an idea.

Except at this moment, it doesn’t look like a great idea.

PS: If you are my high school classmate reading this, no hard feelings. If you’d still like to reach out and meet me, you know where to find me. :)

Net Neutrality

Internet is my most favourite invention in the whole world.  It not only helps me connect to people it also helps me when I want to stay away from people. I read, write and am looking at earning a livelihood out of internet.  Net neutrality is one of the important factors on which a lot of my future probably depends on. Not just me, in a country where majority of first time internet users are mobile phone users, an idea of free internet is very luring.  But that will just create a wall of products that can be accessed as only those corporates that have signed up for such services will be available for free on this internet.  This will limit our audience.  When the Prime Minister is talking of encouraging entrepreneurship, how can such unjust provisions in the basic service like the internet be implemented?

TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has asked for suggestions from the stakeholders, by which they mean companies, by April 24.  But as a consumer I feel very strongly about it as well and I have expressed my views to him over an email (*cough* internet *cough*)

If you think discriminatory internet is harmful not just for you but for the economy as well, do write in your views to the TRAI at advqos@trai.gov.in

Do read this as well as other articles on medianama.com for better clarity of net neutrality.

Here’s the letter I wrote.

Dear Sir,

I write to you as an everyday internet user as well as an aspiring e-entrepreneur on a shoe string budget.  I use the wonderful invention of mankind called the internet more than the oxygen I breathe.  I use the internet to reach out to friends, family and thousands of others through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

Using video calling feature through internet lets me connect to my family and friends spread across the globe, making sure that their support is just a call away.

As a journalist, I use internet to research for my stories as well as to file the stories on the go to meet the 6 pm deadline (in a publication that considers net neutrality “nonsense“, but my views are independent of the publication I work for).

I use internet forums like Reddit as a sounding board and it has helped me in more ways than one to deal with pressures of life.

Few years back when I almost reached clinical depression stage, I owe it to the internet for helping me sail through the dark phase.

It is not in the best interest of the internet community to bring in discriminatory internet.

While free internet is a huge incentive, it is unfair that only few websites, applications, which have signed up for the services will be available, limiting the users to reach to other websites.

While the Prime Minister is talking of encouraging entrepreneurship, how do you expect thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs who do not even have enough funds for marketing or hiring a developer to sign up for making internet free for audience? That will need more funding and either a promising entrepreneur would have to shut shop because of lack of fund to make the product available for free to audience or will end up paying more for funding leading to higher burden.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. This will affect the economy adversely in more ways than one.

I request you to please consider this as a personal appeal and an appeal on behalf of millions of users who are fighting for the cause of net neutrality to take into account our side of the situation.

Thank you,

Nirwa Mehta


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