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Struggles of being a journalist

Being a journalist is not easy.  Especially when you come without a degree in journalism or any prior journalism experience.

You see, some of us come without baggages. 
I have come across some really, really smart people and am glad they are the ones who write news based on which people form their opinions.
At the same time, there are a bunch of conspiracy theorists whose ideas are terrifying.  My first instinct is to make fun of the media but then I quickly realise I am now part of this circus myself.
I am torn between two worlds.  Of a rational reader who takes everything with truckloads of salt.  And a journalist who tries to be honest to her profession and tries to give a balanced write-up on the news that are presented to me.  
Every time I write a story, I ask myself, am I being honest to myself as a reader? Well, at least I try.
I am still in awe of people who have been around way longer than I have.  I blush like a teenaged girl when some of them recognise me because honestly speaking, any sort of attention makes me wonder. (totally blaming the lack of confidence about myself to the years I spent studying Chartered Accountancy that drained me out of all my energy and positivity.)
I want to reach out to most of them and talk about their experiences, but you know, most of them are so wary of people approaching.  Or at least I think they are.
As I said, as someone who comes without any baggage or any knowledge of years of gossip about them, I am approaching them with a fresh slate and I genuinely want to know them.  But all your moves are probably questioned.  It baffles me. 
Oh, and who you meet, who you interact with over Twitter – they all become topics of gossip for months to come.  Like really.  
No, I am really interested in meeting people, listening to their stories.  I find them fascinating. 
So will I stop doing what I enjoy because some people may take it otherwise?
I will still go out of my way to compliment someone.  Because a compliment never hurts. 
It is nice to be nice.
But in journalism, it being nice makes people suspicious.
I just don’t want to get disheartened and question the choice of my career.  If any senior journalists around have a word of advice, I’m all ears.


All of you animal and dog lovers who advocate #AdoptAStray, I have some good news.  I have half a dozen strays in my lane to offer.  

The adorably cuddly creatures are a delight to have around.  Here’s why:
1.  Our lane (6 houses in total) have had 9 pairs of shoes destroyed including a pair of shoes which a neighbour paid Rs. 15,000 for. I admit I laughed at it because serves him right for taking my parking spot.
2.  Ghaghra of our domestic help went missing the other day.  Investigation revealed BigBrownDog3 took a fancy to it and snatched it from the place where it was drying and ran away with it.  It was found near the Amul garden outside our society, a good 200 mtrs away.  The domestic help refuses to wear the ghaghra again even when I offered to get it dry cleaned.  While it is highly amusing and I am laughing really hard as I type this, poor thing was traumatised that a dog ran away with her ghaghra.
3.  Last night I had to sit outside my house in the car, all locked and rolled up windows because all six of them decided to get into a fight.  Amidst all the growling and barking, they didn’t realise that I had silently parked next to them.  After a good 10 minutes, one of them realised an alien object next to them and looked directly at me.  And growled.  I’m going to assume they recognised my presence and not any paranormal presence because that would scare the shit out of me.  Guess seeing me had a calming effect on them because then all of them decided to form a circle and sit while looking in different directions.  Each took turns at random interval to look in my general direction.  It was terrifying.  I was not sure if I could now try and get into the house.  Then as luck would have it, they just decided to get up and leave at the same time.  Maybe God does exist.
4.  Our pet peacocks, which have been adopted by the mother, (no, they are not our pets – do not sue me – they just come home and have food and water at our place. I just like to call them pet peacocks) are being chased away by these adorably fluffy growling creatures.  Not something that makes us happy.  Peacocks are pretty to look at and we like them.  At least they do not bark at us.
So yes, I, on behalf of our entire neighbourhood, am offering these balls of fur for adoption.  Since so many of you are advocating #AdoptAStray, kindly look no further and come over and take them.  Take them all away.  Goddess Saraswati (because Vasant Panchami tomorrow) will bless.

24 hours without phone

So last week my phone decided to switch itself off at will.  It had been bothering me off and on for a month but the entire week last week was super frustrating.  It took me about six hours to figure out a pattern.  If the pressure on the power button to tun on the screen was less or more than optimal pressure, the phone would switch itself off.

It was frustrating especially when I wanted to click pictures of food and birds taking shower in the bowl of water we kept for drinking especially when one bird attacked a squirrel when it wanted to drink water from same bowl.

It was frustrating in general because if I’m bored at work and wanted to go through Twitter or post other awesome observations, and I would turn on the screen only to realise the stupid phone was switched off since a while (and I don’t even know how long).

So finally I gave in to the frustration (I prayed every day to God that please please please let the phone be alright and I will do whatever you tell me to – well, God didn’t listen to my prayer – not gonna listen to whatever He asks me to do now – maybe it was God’s little way of teaching life lessons that ‘lyf sux, lol’ or something like that) and took the phone to LG service centre.

Since it was out of warranty, the dude even told me that if motherboard has gone mad, I may need to replace it which will cost me 13k. It’s like I might as well get two new MotoEs with it and have four phones. (because dual sim and two phones – you guys, please don’t make me explain jokes.)

Anyway, cutting long story short, I was without phone for a good 24 hours.  It made me a little cranky.  And also how much of a technology slave I am.

Like I could not tweet for the duration I was in office. Sure Twitter is accessible, but as a rule, keeping social media out of work computers. (Also, don’t even remember how the web client works – who uses Twitter for web anyway?) That made me sad.

I had no access to phone numbers. I wanted to schedule a few appointments for today, and I could not because those damned numbers – who remembers them? Maybe a physical copy of numbers may be a good idea – need a minion to write down the numbers and decipher some names I have stored as “Babu Fruit” and “Vikas Zen” (okay, Vikas Zen may be the dude I’ve met in Zen cafe, and aah, no wonder I had forgotten his name. OMG. he must think I’m a horrible person when in fact I had just forgotten his name. :()

Anyway. No WhatsApp.  No texts. (when I did turn on the phone, I had some 8 WhatsApp conversations and zero text alerts – just goes out to show no one texts me. :( ) (sad also because of the 8 conversations, only 3 were from “people” and 1 was a good morning forward, and 1 was a message from Dad which he had forwarded and 3 were group messages which are muted – basically, no one loves me. :(

No alarm in the morning.  Because I don’t have a clock in room – maybe I should get an old fashioned alarm clock for my room. Because you never know when your stupid phone ditches you.

And no calls. Like, no one even calls me. :( I am such a delight to talk to. Why wouldn’t anyone call me? My phone has been functioning since last 2 hours now and not a single call. :(

Basically, 24 hours without phone taught me I can live without my phone.

And nobody loves me.

(yea, blaming it all on the hormones – already had 2 NestlĂ© Munch and 1 single finger KitKat)

Feel free to message me today and ask me to join you for a coffee on Friday, ok?

Two years

It has been two years since I last cried myself to sleep at 5 am feeling absolutely worthless.  The feeling where you do not realise you cross the thin line between feeling extreme irrevocable sadness (which you eventually overcome with time) and clinical depression (which requires therapy and lot of love and patience).

The two years have been good years, though.  I realised I am worth more than I was made to believe I was.  That despite all the quirkiness and the geekiness and my love for Salman Khan, I deserve the best the world has to offer, just like everyone else.

I have learnt that I’d rather live with “oh, wells” than “what ifs” and that life is too short to regret letting anyone know how you feel about them, especially if it is love.  So what I am a prime and shining example of unrequited love. At least I am not giving up the hope! (Yes, Karan Johar and Yash Chopra would be extremely proud of me)

I have learnt that I enjoy being with people as much as I enjoy solitude.  Solitary walks are my “me time” – the time I look around and observe nature.  Some times I wish I carried my phone so I could take pictures.  But then other times I am glad I don’t. That is my one hour away from technology.

It has been two years since I realised there is a limit to being a pushover.  And that everyone should fight their own battles, and that I cannot be fighting their battles for them.

From being a timid, under confident girl, I now do not feel awkward talking to people.  I have realised that while I suck at small talk, I still like talking to people.  That 2012 was one of the worst years of my life and at times I am glad it happened because in hindsight I realise that that year shaped my outlook – it made me realise that I need to get rid of toxic people from my life.  I cannot let them thrive over my positivity and energy.  That if you have to try way too hard to make things work, then it is probably not worth the effort.

I can’t wait to find out what this year has stored in for me.  I am very, very excited about life, even though it sometimes decides to conspire against me.  After all, it is all supposed to work out in the end, right?

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