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Things that make me smile # 1

So I am inspired by couple of website like 1000awesomethings.com and thingstobehappyabout.com. I kind of realised I was being way too cynical for my own good.

I have decided to make a list of things that make me smile and generally make me happy. That way, when I feel low, I can go through them and feel happy again! :) And considering my history with mood swings, I think it is an awesome idea! :D

So let us start with the first thing today.

Calvin And Hobbes.

Unfortunately, the examiners at my CA exams lack, what people calls, sense of humour, this will not really work in my favour. But if you ever had a chance to look at the question papers they set, you will realise that they have quite a sadistic sense of humour.

But, something like this might not be a bad idea when asked to interpret one of those lousy income tax laws and company laws! :D

So yes, Calvin and Hobbes make me smile every single time I read them. One of my most priced possession is the entire collection of calvin and hobbes which i got for little less than 7,000 rupees. :P My dad still doesnt get it why would anyone spend so much on comics! :)

If you have extra, give it to me!

So everyone is talking about the billion dollar home of Mukesh Ambani – Antilia in Mumbai.

So much that it has its own wikipedia entry.

I have a few questions to ask him, though:

1. What you have constructed there is more like a Black and Scholes Mathematical Model – part ugly, part beautiful. Only in your case, this building is a little bit more on the uglier side. Who gave you the idea? Were you drunk on petroleum when you approved the design?

2. I don’t want to get into the moral thingies like how many hungry the amount you spend on that would’ve fed, but honestly, do you think this is actually worth it? I mean, it doesn’t have trees! And those indoor/hanging gardens could not be considered. The way you might’ve climbed trees in the ancestral village, will your grandchildren even know what a tree is? Oh, wait, will you show them on the big screen of your mini theatre. You’ll still not have crazy peacocks dancing in your backyard, because you *wont* have a backyard.

3. How will you keep lizards away from your mansion? If you have a sureshot solution, please contact me on the mail address in the profile. No spam, please.

4. Your parking place has space for 160 cars. And you also have a helipad. Why did you leave your planes away? Won’t they feel left out? Why didn’t you build a hangar for your aircraft also? Am sure you could’ve easily got a few more floors for it.

5. Will you be using a Tata Nano car to move around in your house? It seems like quite a good idea to me. It will fit in your elevators, too. After all, covering the whole house on foot will be quite a task, and am sure wont be able to finish it off in one day! :p

6. How many hours in a day are you going to actually spend in your home that you spent so much on it? Or was it your ego?

7. Have you planned how will you divide your property between your kids? Once bitten, twice shy. Am sure you know how hard it can be for brothers who are at war over property – you’ve had first hand experience! And am also sure that your kids would be smart enough to learn from your mistakes. But on second thoughts, your this residential property will stand tall like it is for years to come – because *no one* wants to buy ugly houses.

Sigh, I could actually go on and on about whining about the ugliness of your new house, but I must stop it here, because here comes the most important question, if you have so much extra money to spend on something like that, how about giving some of it to me. Then I can go and get myself the new phone and camera I’ve been eyeing and also a couple of extra million rupees in my bank account wont hurt… :)

ps – I’ll take care of the taxes – after all, I am the shattered accountant in the making.

*dramatic exit*

Good Vs. Evil

So the country celebrated Dushera yesterday. The victory of good over evil. Ram, the good, fought and won over Ravan. Of the many gods, Ram is one of my least favourite gods. Anyone who disrespects woman, is not my favourite, not even if it is God and even if it was all symbolic mumbo jumbo. No wonder, he had to reborn as Krishna to make good of his mistakes.

Also, like the character of Karna from Mahabharat, I am always partial towards Ravan. Of course he was a rakshas, and like many generalisations, like all gujaratis break into garbas randomly, rakshasas are always potrayed as scary men with/without horns and generally someone who could give the Great Khali a run for his money.

But I think Ravan is also one of the most misunderstood men. He was quite a scholar, and his symbolic ten heads is for his knowledge, which was in such abundance that one head wasn’t enough! And since he was a part Brahmin, I think I might have some familial ties with him… maybe he was somehow related to me.. :D

And what wrong did he do anyway? Kidnap Sita? But, she was kidnapped because she had a crazy man like Ram as husband and Lakshman as brother in law, who went about chopping off noses of scary looking women like Soorpankha, in the forest.

And Sita, who was perhaps hallucinating when she saw something like a golden deer, and Ram went off to search for it, needed a shrink, more than anything. C’mon, living like that in forest could do things you couldn’t even dream of. I think Ravan kind of kidnapped Sita just so she could stay around more people and that could help her recover.

But keeping all the mythology things aside, as talking about Ram and things/places associated with him is like treading on sensitive grounds, lets talk about the symbolic good and evil.

What is good and what is evil? We’re all good and we’re all evil. I am evil to that baby cockroach which I killed in the morning, and that lizard is an evil to me which gives me sleepless nights if it enters my bedroom. All I am saying is that good and evil is quite a subjective matter, and more often than not, all in our minds.

So yesterday when a tv news channel announced as they showed live Ravan Dahan from some maidan in Delhi, ‘Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Desh ke mukhiya, ne Raavan Dahan kiya, isse hamare desh mein se jo bhi buraiya hai, uspe humein jeet mile’. Right, first off, if that were true, that news channel would’ve been shut instantly. So we all talk about the ‘bad’ness in the society. Corruption, caste system, poverty, violence, crime against women and children, etc.

Who commits these crimes? Who infects the ‘society’? People do. We choose to overlook the evil, if it does not affect us. But before we start cleansing the society at large, we first need to cleanse ourselves. Get rid of negative thoughts from your mind, and rest of the things will fall into place.

Now, though I don’t quite agree with the metaphors used, one line from the Raam Leela song from Swades which is very memorable is,

“Mann se Raavan jo nikaale, Raam uske mann mein hai”.

So in this festive season, cleanse your souls. Mental floss will help prevent moral decay! :)

Disclaimer : no offence meant to any religion. Please don’t burn my effigies on the roads – that will create air pollution.

Cooking Lessons 1

So I decided to make Rajma for dinner tonight. You can easily find out the recipe from the internet and so I am not going to repeat it here. Also, I’ve altered it a bit because I forgot the sequence of ingredients to be put into the pan, but then again, since it turned out to be awesome, I concluded that I am definitely a good cook.

But as they say, everyday there is a new lesson to be learnt. I have learnt a few things today. No, none of that learnn from water how to blend into surroundings and learn from mustard seeds how to be small but powerful. No, none of this school assembly shit. What I have actually learnt are some awesomely important lessons, like :

1. It is insanely difficult to get rid of garlic smell from your fingers. Wash your hands repeatedly with dettol to get rid of the smell. Your hands will smell all hospital-y, but at least, you wont smell of garlic.

2. Crushing green chillies, garlic and ginger together is an awesome idea. But after using your hands to clear off the mixture, wash your hands thoroughly (read repeatedly with dettol) before rubbing your eyes with the same fingers. Trust me, you do not want to experience that. ow.

3. Always have your mom nearby. Only she knows where the ingredients are. So when you run out of some masala in the middle of your cooking, refill is just a yell away. Mothers are also a peculiar character. They have this feeling of ownership to the kitchen and feel threatened by your presence in the kitchen, and may try all sort of tactics to discourage you, be strong. You are up against a powerful force, but patience is all that is needed. Remember, you might be in her place someday.

Thats all in the cooking class today, more later! :D I’m going off to gobble down what I’ve cooked :D

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